The chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers by "PROSPERIDADE"® are very important parts during the process of slaughtering, because, besides getting in firm and direct contact with the sensible skin of the fowl, they alter its appearance for much better and therefore its price in the market, what means high profit for all slaughterhouses which use our product.

Chicken Skinning Rollers/Picking Fingers : Lasting - Economics - Effective

lasting, safe, trustful, economical and word-widely known chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers. In Brazil, all big slaughterhouses use, with no exception, chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers with the trademark "PROSPERIDADE"®, a synonym of trust also among many slaughterhouses abroad.

"PROSPERIDADE"® chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers easily fit any kind of disks/plates that there are in national and international market and are compatible to be used in almost all chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers machines known in Brazil and abroad. We make any kind of chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers ordered and we are ready to send high quantities to all Brazil and other 169 countries. We have four kinds of standard pieces ready to be delivered with 93mm length, 25/26mm of diameter before linking, natural color, no odor, variable hardness - shore by order between 52 and 68 points. Our highly capability of production guarantees almost immediate delivery, independent on the ordered quantity.

Chicken Skinning Rollers/Picking Fingers connected to the disk
They have been made since 1990, in accordance with strict international technical rules, and the most requiring and well-known Customs Inspector institutions, such as "Adolfo Lutz" Institute in Brazil, FDA - Federal Drug Administration in the USA, BAYER in Germany and BGA in Europe. So, when the products with the trademark "PROSPERIDADE"® are used, the slaughterhouses are, for sure, using healthy, ecologically right,