For the 1st. time in all the history of Latin America a chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers was given a certificate by FDA ( Federal Drug Administration ) in the USA. It is Brazilian! The audit was done by BAYER CORPORATION from that country. The certificate of "PROSPERIDADE"® chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers is ISSO-14000 !

Here are 4 clues to easy the life of people who change chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers:

1st.) (Put the new chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers inside hot water before changing them (can be the water in scalding temperature) and keep them there. Avoid using any kind of oil, grease or any other element (it is an illusion to think that it will help maneuvering the parts), except clean natural water;
2nd.) Use pneumatic or manual knobs, WITHOUT pointed edges;
3rd.) Cut the abraded chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers, clean the holes very well and, only then, place the new chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers, pulling them firmly with down, up and side movements until they are completely inside the holes;
4th.) Keep the opening of the chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers strictly according to the recommended instructions from the maker or ask for orientation.


Chicken + CHICKEN SKINNING ROLLERS/PICKING FINGERS PROSPERIDADEŽ = Picking Chicken "To make products with quality and economy to be used in industries linked to agriculture, helping effectively to obtain and enlarge the offer of good quality food for low price, contributing, this way, to make this world a better one, together with professional and personal development of all staff, suppliers, clients, partners, the community in general and the country as a whole."


- Smoking must be avoided near any chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers, because it is proved that smoke from cigarettes contains cancerigenic chemical elements such as nitrousamin, benzolpyreno, hydrazine, acetumnitrile, and also ammonium hydroxide, nicotine, cyanogen, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases that may impregnate the parts and pass to the fowl during the plucking!

Picking Chicken- It is scientifically proved that, maintaining the proportion, during the plucking, the chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers touch the fowl with the same impact of a plane touching the ground when landing! Therefore, it is very important to choose the right chicken skinning rollers/picking fingers, one that hold out daily work without breaking or provoking injuries in the fowl sensible skin! Look the picture beside and see how a fowl plucked with "PROSPERIDADE"® looks like after the process!

ChickenChicken- Employees of PROCON in Rio de Janeiro, according to the newspaper "O GLOBO", 12/15/96, page 26, are accustomed to the complaints of consumers??? They say it is really difficult to explain to a furious client that they cannot do anything when the problem is related to gamecocks or chickens! One person wanted the mentioned institution to help him to sue the one who sold him an "defective" gamecock, when he found out that the gamecock's beak was broken and glued with plastic glue. Meanwhile, another one wanted to sue the slaughterhouse that sold a chicken that, according to him, was a voodoo fowl, because everyone in his house got sick after lunch.