September 30, 1996Bayer Certificate

Prosperidade Repr. Coml. Ind. Exportadora Ltda.
R. Rio Cuiabá, 725 - Riacho das Pedras - Contagem
Minas Gerais - Brazil
CEP/ZIP: 32265-280

Re: Chicken Skinning Rollers/Picking Fingers - Prosperidade

Dear Sir(s),

Responding to your request of Ms. Rosangela Cipriano, the formulation AM.82/A, dated September 30, 1996, has been reviewed with respect for current FDA regulations in 21 CFR. We have determined that the formulation AM.82/A complies with 21 CFR 177.2600 (Rubber articles intended for repeated use) subject to the limitations fo this regulation and the limitations from any other aplicable regulations.

Thank you for your interest in Bayer Products.


Donald D. Naragon, Ph.D
Senior Scientist - Regulatory Affairs
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